Elnur and his team really helped us achieve our goals by impeccably translating a set of important documents and contracts. The delivery, meticulous approach to details exceeded all our expectations. The translation and later interpretation services were rendered at a fantastic level which ensured a total success for the project.

Gunel Ismayilova
Project Manager, Transtech International

If i have to say only a thing about Elnur, it would be the following: he is the one dedicated teachers I know. He knows how to motivate and push to work hard. I am thankful for the tips he has given to succeed in IELTS test. I have gained my much wished score under his guidance.

Ulker Garajali
Project Manager, English First

Working at AZPROMO means to promote Azerbaijan as a right destination for businesses. My job cannot be imagined without good knowledge of English and ability to convince people. Just ask yourself. How many times have you been persuaded to purchase some stuff based just on a good presentation and communication skills of a sales manager? People are used to say that it is a talent you should be born with. Yes, there is a deal of sense in that, but every talent is going to disappear without improvement and constant work. And not less important is the person who will accompany you in this way. In my way case, this person was Elnur Huseynov. Of course, I do not want to say that I had a talent and Elnur just guided me. He worked a lot and found out my weaknesses and defined how to improve them. So, as you may see, all above in terms of clear expression of my thoughts, logical correlation of sentences, and good performance of grammar knowledge is a result of Elnur’s great efforts. I can speak about him a lot, but I encourage you to explore Elnur’s abilities and professionalism by yourself

Azer Huseynov
Marketing Manager, AZPROMO

I had an opportunity to be taught by one of the best Khazar University teachers – Elnur Huseynov. He is a versatile talent and a great person. His mentoring, language and other skills make him a strong professional and admired teacher for all of us. From his Marketing Management and International Management classes I obtained knowledge required in business environment. He is an outstanding motivator, who was able to influence my academic and professional aspirations.

Farida Mammadova
Project Accountant, Cost Point Deltek