The management set of training is required for anyone who handles different group of people and/or wants to develop the following skills to climb the career ladder. It is the foundation of the management skills pyramid, which shows the skills a manager must master to be successful and shows how these management skills build on each other toward success.

This set of trainings is broken down into the following categories delivered separately and jointly depending on your corporate or personal need.

By the time we finish, you will improve your managerial skills, apply them in practice and acquire a better understanding of efficiency and successful performance.

Range of Specializations

Time management
Public Speaking

Training is the antidote to competition. Whether you are new in business or already been there and failed or succeeded, my in depth experience in entrepreneurship will help you design better systems, establish sales leads, market yourself in a better way, create practices that work and conclude meaningful business transaction and prosper in every possible way. For all that you need to study and be trained.

The soft skills training sessions are required for anyone to enhance individual interactions, job performance and career prospects. Unlike hard skills, which are about a person’s skill set and ability to perform a certain type of task, soft skills are interpersonal and broadly applicable. The soft skills taught in this set are empathy, leadership, communication that are based on common sense, responsibility, integrity and a sense of humor.

An invitation for an interview shows that, on paper, you are the right person required by the organization for the vacant position. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of candidates are rejected at the application stage so you are really more than three quarters of the way towards getting the job! You need to know what to do before the interview to succeed. The dress, style, smile, words, posture, contacts and so much more is included in the course syllabus to make you win this spot.

Among other services, I will help you to build an impeccable CV or Resume as well as polish your Cover Letter in a way people would love to read it.

Elnur and his team really helped us achieve our goals by impeccably translating a set of important documents and contracts. The delivery, meticulous approach to details exceeded all our expectations. The translation and later interpretation services were rendered at a fantastic level which ensured a total success for the project.

Gunel Ismayilova
Project Manager, Transtech International